Our team of specialists at Parkville Modern Dentistry looks forward to providing high quality, personalized dental care to keep you and your family smiling! We enjoy delivering a thorough and gentle exam while improving patients' oral health. Our practice offers customized care all in one place. If you're interested in evening out your teeth, our orthodontist can help you decide if Invisalign or clear aligners are a good option for you. For gum health and implants, our periodontist will examine you and perform treatments as needed. The endodontist handles root canal treatments and ensures your tooth's pulp is in good condition. For dental surgeries and wisdom teeth removals, our oral surgeon is here to assist. Finally, our skilled hygienists are committed to ensuring your oral health is in the best condition. Their care and expertise allow them to perform exams, check for oral diseases or trauma, and provide preventative care. With our team serving you, you'll have many reasons to smile. We look forward to treating you!